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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile is avaiable on Android & iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile APK on your Android & iOS!

About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile is a war game in which armies and troops are randomly selected in an automated simulation to develop offensive and defensive powers. Battle simulation is completely accurate. Once the battle is set up, the simulation is basically automated, rather than relying on human feedback.

In campaign mode, you can choose from indigenous, farmers, ancient, feudal, Viking, Renaissance, Pirates, Spooky, and Wild West military forces. Each party has its own set of abilities, capabilities, and limits, as well as different damage levels. You must manage your finances, remember who you are fighting for, and use prudence while placing training on the front lines. Each unit has a price.

Sandbox mode allows you to create armies without regard for expenses or winning conditions. It’s fascinating to watch how various situations affect people. Typically, a large number of weaker units can be mounted to take on fewer stable troops.

More About the Game

The strategy genre is chaotic, inventive, and refreshing in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile. In April 2019, Steam Early Access was terminated. The game was published as a Game PreView title for Xbox Game Pass subscribers just after the holiday season. When a job is still in progress, the game’s space and resources for violent absurdities are at an all-time high.

Landfall Games, in particular, is a terrific indie developer. Titles like Clustertruck, Air Brawl, and Square Brawl include a very unusual subject: cartoonic aggressiveness. Stick Fight: The Game, developed by Landfall West, is already a widely available product. Completely Realistic Combat Simulator has the same love of the ridiculous and imaginative. Without trying, I’m not sure I can break even on a game like this for 20 bucks while it’s still in production. Fortunately, Xbox Game Pass remains a premium service.

Physics-Based Brawls from the Dawn of Man to Now

The game’s idea is straightforward. You are given a themed sandbox terrain and warriors are positioned in various spots on the battlefield. Several warriors appear in the game, each with beady cartoon eyes and rag-like movements. You will enter the conflict by clicking the button till the battleground is ready. View the soldiers smash each other from above, or put yourself in the shoes of one soldier and follow its valiant attempts.

I’m thrilled to have an entertaining matchup in this event. I had a lot of fun playing against a woolly mammoth and 30 cavemen. Regrettably, uncontrolled creativity is now exposing a significant flaw in the game. You can’t even touch the screen for more than 2 seconds before the activity drags and mostly stops as you charge it for a big fight. As a Game Preview title, this comes as no surprise. Nonetheless, anyone considering purchasing the game at this point should be aware that only little battles are taking place.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile Gameplay

As is generally known, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile is a ragdoll and fun simulation game with twists. The game’s core idea is that you compete between two sides to see who can win. You can choose from various factions. Tribal, Farming, Feudal, Ancient, Wiking, Renaissance, Romantic, Pirate, Spooky, Legacy, and Hidden are some of the subgenres. Collectibles must be used to open the Hidden Party on various maps. Units from any other faction may be employed in a single faction.

The scene is reminiscent of knights charging beside a hoplite shield, backed up by tanks or caverns. There are also other maps that allude to the different factions. Naturally, the finest feature of the game is the appearance of the characters. Both characters have googly eyes, from mammoths to berserkers.

The game’s main goal is to play in sandbox mode. A war’s globe, units, and victory conditions can all be chosen. There are no mode restrictions other than the number of units that your computer can handle. After creating a conflict, you may also submit it to the Steam Workshop for sharing with others. The game also has a very simple campaign. You are given a modest quantity of money to battle the enemy army. Some stages need an effective team comp, while others may be controlled with a single unit. Unit management is a new feature added to the game. In general, you may just push to start the conflict and observe which side wins.


You may now direct the motions and actions of a single unit. There are some nice alternatives in the free DLC (downloadable content) called bugs. They are toggle components that may drastically affect the game, such as rotating all troops and bestowing wings.

Overall, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile has been on my radar for a long. It was initially launched in Closed Alpha in 2016 and then in Early Access in 2019. This game captivates you with its bizarre mechanics and graphic style. With the game’s entertaining gaming components, the possibilities are limitless. The AI will frequently make poor decisions, and each task will be unique. The sound design and unique voices of the units were entertaining. The game is not yet finished, but it may be purchased and played on a PC. It will also be available on the Xbox game pass in the future.

With its Early Access status and less-than-stellar optimization, TABS Mobile has numerous flaws. Pathfinding is, in reality, a little hazy. Stalemates can occur in groups, particularly among bodies, when the remainder of the warriors are unable to actively penetrate – and finally destroy – each other. However, this is already a good kit that readily meets the basic criterion of a commercial commodity.

In terms of Twitch and YouTube usage, silly aesthetics, and wild turmoil, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile is clear and fantastic. However, there is enough intensity to keep a real player interested for quite some time in its originality. Whether you plan to be freed or plunge now, a completely accurate battle simulator is a completely great time.

You Should Know it

This reluctance to take itself seriously enters the workings of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile, which is as much a strategy as you can find. The device’s placement is set and disregarded, and it stumbles on its own. All you have control over is the unit type and composition, which lasts for a few seconds until they become a thoughtless rabble.

Rather than anything else, the end result is a jigsaw, with the parts you hope will work against the enemy and you trying for the best. And if the action has a RNG level, you could lose and win with the same configuration in one circumstance. True, the TABS has no actual depth, but it provides a moorish one stage.

This is the visual comedy that is critical to the game’s success, and TABS isn’t holding back. The figures are charming and silly in equal parts, marching with their googly eyes resolutely dedicated to the enemy. Any second of a fight is ripe for screenshotting because to the absolute lunacy displayed, and handy controls to slow-move, pause, and zoom from every perspective allow this.

This effort is already complete, with a wide range of stages. Some, you would think, are basic instructional or comedy levels versus a single opponent. There’s also Sandbox, which is a great place to hang out, but what you really want to do is pack a swarm of archers into hundreds of halflings, and the result will undoubtedly be a slideshow of a judder that ends on the fall. But never mind. Please disregard.

How to Download & Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile


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