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Tentacle Locker Mobile is available on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Tentacle Locker Mobile apk on your phone!

About Tentacle Locker Mobile

Tentacle Locker Mobile is a play on the impression that young ladies have to go to school and lock and wear skirts without encouraging you. Can hypnotize young women and trap them into the pool.

Its interactivity is crucial. The young ladies must be taken with them. If you have a young lady, you should find out what’s going on indoors. In this case, on the one hand you use keys like bolt keys, and on the other hand, the ESC key. It seemed amazing, but there was no equal consensus among the young ladies, but you should do all the more. Is it conceivable in future reforms, such that young women (and future accomplices), who need training to remain in the face of contributions, will have a tent on their heads or in their hearts and, whether they are given, the amazing ‘they.’

More About The Game

Tentacle Locker Mobile is a romantic game in which girls have to get back to school and lock them and wear their dresses. They could hypnotize and trap girls in their water.

It’s very important to play games. She’s gotta lock you in with kids. If you catch a kid, you can look at what is going on inside.

You may use the keys for release, such as the right arrow keys. It seemed interesting, that the girls decided, because you should do more. it didn’t seem clear. Is it possible for girls (and all prospective partners) who wish to stand up against taxpayers to have tents on their backs, or something in their minds, and if you notice them that they are “smiling rather than mouths”

And any people who look at her and ask to get the heart symbol of the tankil, when the girl comes out of the locker? I’m not the game designer as you would think, but a little bit more important to me is the touch like this.

It is an outrageous organic expression, more than ten times “fired,” with a strong touch with characteristic inconsistencies in smaller details such as drawing, sound and girl’s photographs. From 1 to a few hours you will enjoy this in comfort. The pixels and activities in the locker are also really entertaining.

Tentacle Locker Mobile Gameplay

Tentacle Locker Mobile is an adult game in the playshop. This is the first and last edition of the application. It’s easy on your phone to download and install. Don’t hesitate to accept undisclosed source program updates. To access the application, press Install and download the software using your selected browser.

We provide a similar line for high-speed download. We only share the original, free and pure apk installer of Tentacle Locker APK with you without any modifications.


Interesting Gameplay: It must be very sexy and fun to play. You will learn a few interesting things in magical gameplay.

Simple Controls: This must be one of the most important aspects in any game. When playing on a cellular phone, we expect simple settings, otherwise it’s difficult to enjoy. You’re not going to face any trouble here, because the controls are super fast.

World Wide users: You’re not going to see boring things as you’ll see new things here from around the world. Users around the world will be there. Today is a huge entertainment venue.

Different Challenges: Not all is gambling and winning, given that in this regard the players face many hurdles. These barriers are a control point for your game and you must pass them in order to reach the final destination.

You Should Know It

Tentacle Locker APK is the best application in the adult division. You will easily have fun with a girl’s wia closet. This is a secure and smartphone Android app. The Apk has already been tested. Download this game, enjoy it and share it with friends and family.

Locker Mobile Tentacle is the best game in the genre. This is a secure and smartphone Android app. If you like apk, search the comment section below and share our website with your frients and kin, so they can use beautiful apps for free.

If you want a mod version, pass this app to all premium options free of charge and add comfort. Please use the website to take various devices and games. The Tentacle Locker Apk is specially designed for apps. The Tentacle Locker Apk is an organization of the United Nations agency. Apk may be a Tentacle Locker game, a humanoid game. Moving and luxury in the new version of Tentacle Locker.


Tentacle Locker Mobile is a very simple principle, a tentacle power that strives for schoolchildren to be taken easily and placed in a locker in order to wreck them. You are not limited to just one office in this role, and instead are in the center of each office of your machine. And if it is fairly easy to find a female, it will warn the girls around them and make them run. Another child is also caused by the sight of a freshly goddamn girl.

If a girl is in your tendrils, you can allow her only to play from an outside person’s perspective, as the locker begins to thump for some time until the unwilling player spits on his knees with cums. Whenever a girl is within a locker, if you hit a spacebar, you can see what is going on inside the lockers, but there is only one animation that fucks a girl.

How to Download & Play Tentacle Locker Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from APKBEL.COM
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Tentacle Locker Mobile.
Tentacle Locker Mobile
Tentacle Locker Mobile


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