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Friday Night Funkin Mobile

Friday Night Funkin Mobile is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Friday Night Funkin Apk on your phone!

About Friday Night Funkin Mobile

Friday Night Funkin Mobile is a play based on rock. This game is based on two characters – boyfriend and girlfriend – with the intention of kissing them by night’s end. The friend must first come through his dad! By playing your best song, Daddy Dearest has to wow! You will have other rivals along the way, so you must brace them for the force of music to beat.

Friday Night Funkin Mobile challenges your sense of pace. The game will ask you to hit a button at a certain moment: the computer shows the button that should be taped and the game scores for a certain time and time. When you push a button a floating arrow follows its shape, the mechanics are identical to DDR (at the top of the screen).

Sky white-skinned boy with a blue hair – As a friend, you’re going to dance. He dreams of his girlfriend being kissed, but his dad won’t permit it. The mate must have a sing-in first to beat them. You have to match each arrow optimally with your WASD or arrow keys.

This game gives us the secrets and the obstacles to finalize the goal of splitting with our skills in the stages of the game.

You will feel the fun of being friends with the dad of your girlfriend. He’s a rock star formerly.

More About the Friday Night Funkin Mobile

Friday Night Funkin Mobile is a game based on rhythm made by ninjamuffin99, Kawaniisprite and PhantomArcade. This game is mostly intended to sense the beat and play the music accurately to please the dad of your girlfriend. Just like in real life, the boyfriend is very nervous here too as she comes to impress the father of her sister. The dad is a retired rock star which would be a tough challenge for him.

The game is primarily focused on the boyfriend and the girlfriend, who are kissing before night’s end. But the boyfriend must please the father with the exact playing of music. You must click the buttons at the right time in the game. When you click the game, you will be guided by the game. Timing and accuracy are also core components for this game.

On the top of the screen are the dots on one meter that display the green color (if the boyfriend wins) or the red one if the boyfriend loses). Other rivals are still meeting a mate to win the embrace. The boyfriend would have to deal with other musicians such as Pico, Monster, Skid and the Pump, but regardless of the opponent the game’s mechanics are the same. The game is simple to play and gives you a love for the old arcade games of fun.


Boyfriend’s Friday Night Funkin’s key star. By raping her with the family of his girlfriend so they will support him, he needs to prove himself. On his journeys he also struggles with others. The name has not been authenticated.


  • Don’t screw up after that.
  • In the game, it gets very self-aware before it makes a mistake or ignores something which makes it very nervous. If a player slaps too much, his fitness is torn up to an extent.


Girlfriend is the boyfriend’s and mother’s daughter’s romantic interest. It’s normally on the top of the boom box and you’re satisfied until you hit the tempo. This instruction will show you how to play and watch your playboy.


  • The buddy is a young, white woman with a robe and shoes, a burn hair longer, wide black eyes and red nails. He’s a red dress.
  • A boy of 19 is a buddy with blonde hair and a white shirt to signify the crossing. The boy is 19 years old. The presentation of a fitted packaging is restrained by blue jeans and red shoes.

Match to win!

Funkin Apk was able to make an unusual journey on Friday Night Funkin Mobile. Gameplay is the same as a rhythm retro or puzzle game, so playing is extremely simple. However, the songs will vary in rhythm and speed are also very difficult.

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest is the biggest foe of Week 1 and Week 5, Father of the Mother’s sister, Mom’s wife. She is an ex-rock star who doesn’t want a friend to be the protagonist of her daughter. Her bopeebo, new and daddy wars are her albums. She appears with The Mom at week 5 in Coco and Agnog.

The father looks daemonious and has purple skin, black eyes with bright, gleaming images and brown purple fur, built like the horn of a beast. He has a black suit jacket, which is open without a top and exposes his brown chest and pubic hair, with gold buckles and loops in his black trousers. He wears a silver watch with his left hand holding the microphone.


The mother’s mate, Daddy Dearest’s mom, is the principal adversary of 4th week and the 5th week’s opponent. She has high and MILF satine bags on her tracks. He will also be performing with Daddy Dearest in week 5 of Coco and Agnog.

The mom looks uncanny with violet skin, black eyes and polished reddish-brown locks, many pointy ends. The black leg hangers, gold hoop earrings on each bracelet,Friday Night Funkin Mobile a gold belt, and two gold bracelets, are her hanging red dress under a black top. Your rich red lipstick, pointy nails are red and your right microphone.

Friday Night Funkin Mobile Gameplay

Friday Night Funkin Mobilet is a game of two characters leading—a man and his wife—and kissing next night. Only her beloved dad, who is unfaithful to her daughter’s lovers, will prevent her from becoming genuine. First, you need the permission of your wife’s dad and then you can try to carry it out.

Like a white kid, you’ll play with blue hair. To please a gross dad, you have to win a Karaoke Duel against him! This game tests the feeling of rhythm. Press the right time button: the screen tells you which to choose. Your piggy bank should be packed with dots with any positive action.

You would be unaware of most retro-rhythm games or puzzles because this title, like them, is very impressive for a long time. The gameplay is a nostalgia rhythm or a puzzle game which makes play incredibly easy to play. The gameplay is a rhythm of nostalgia, a game of funkin. But the rhythm and tempo of the songs vary, it’s still really hard to do.

How to Download & Play Friday Night Funkin Mobile on Android APK & iOS

  • Download the game files from APKBEL.COM
  • Install it in your required phones (Android/iOS).
  • Launch the game, Complete the Verification process by running apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • Re-Launch Friday Night Funkin Mobile.
Friday Night Funkin Mobile
Friday Night Funkin Mobile


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